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How to choose stainless steel screens in hotels? Steel warrior told you!

Date of release:2018-05-15 Author: Click:

With the novel application of stainless steel screens in various places, more and more people have been consulted by all jiafu.  According to the problems of different demands, the editor made a summary of the following points:

Stainless steel screen

First, the scene decoration style

 If you want to highlight the strong color and style of villa, you can choose the stainless steel screen partition with black gold. its color is very deep, and it looks after the black and white of light, showing more classical style.  Chinese screens with traditional colors can be selected in the design. they look like curtains in the distance and changeable in the near.  The choice of the hotel is not the same, especially the hotel lobby. to highlight the high-end atmosphere of the hotel, we should choose bright rose gold or yellow bronze. we can choose Chinese plaid style as our style, and we can also choose the golden flat steel screen with wealth symbol. this style can more foil the luxury of the hotel.

 Ii. accounting costs

 If the customer has a very high position in the hotel, he will not hesitate to invest heavily in building the hotel style, and he can choose a mirror-like full-welded screen with a reflective surface like a mirror. its reflective effect is very good, and it can highlight the high-grade decoration and fine workmanship.  As long as the decorative style is achieved, spot welding or full welding of brushed stainless steel screens can be customized, and the cost is low.  At present, the screens of the two processes are mostly wiredrawing full welding screens, while the screens of mirror full welding are relatively less produced at present because of the long labor time and high cost.

 Iii. project completion period

 Customers want to install in a hurry and open the hotel. they can choose Chinese screens or laser cut-out screens that do not need cutting.  Here is a brief introduction of the processing cycle. any welding screen needs the shortest processing time of 10 days, while Chinese screens need relatively simple processing time of about 10 days, processing and transportation time of about 13 days.  Laser engraving screen only needs 5 days to deliver goods, saving a lot of time, and its style is relatively flexible. you can choose Chinese screen pattern, European line or flower shape, and you can process it by choosing graphics directly on the website.

 Colored stainless steel metal decorative decoration refers to the practice of using metal as key decorative materials.

 At present, the metals that are widely popular at home and abroad are mainly colored stainless steel, and titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, etc.

 Stainless steel screen manufacturers, identify the steel warrior.

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