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Colored stainless steel screen

Date of release:2018-05-02 Author: Click:

Colored stainless steel screens are also known as colored stainless steel lattices or colored stainless steel screen partitions, and modern screens occupy an important position in modern interior design as indoor furnishings.  Screens can create new combination forms of indoor space, and through the organization and limitation of space, the reshaping of building internal space can be realized.  Stainless steel screen is a kind of stainless steel screen which is made up by welding stainless steel tubes or cutting patterns of various styles with stainless steel plate laser. it is waterproof, moisture - proof, wear-resistant and oxidation - resistant, so it is popular.  Colored stainless steel screen is a kind of surface treatment based on stainless steel forming screen, and its surface is colored by electroplating, vacuum plating, water plating or painting to make colors suitable for all kinds of places.  Color stainless steel screens are often made of rose gold, champagne gold, tuhao gold, sapphire blue, black titanium gold, white titanium gold, red bronze, bronze, wine red, etc. the surface treatment includes drawing, mirror surface, sand blasting, snowflake sand, and grain, random grain and etching, etc.  According to the anti-rust performance, there are 201 stainless steel screens, 304 stainless steel screens and 316 stainless steel screens. 316 stainless steel screens have the best anti-rust performance, 304 stainless steel screens are the second, and 201 stainless steel screens are the second.  According to the style, there are: European, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, modern, simple, pastoral, etc.  Colored stainless steel is widely used in many places, such as hotels, clubs, KTV, sauna center, restaurants, mansions, shopping malls, villas, bars and the like.  With the increasing demand of colored stainless steel decoration, in the future, colored stainless steel screen manufacturers will welcome a wider market.

Stainless steel screen

Folding is classified by color stainless steel screen processing

 There are mainly laser hollowing out, steel pipe welding and the combination process of the two

 1, color stainless steel laser hollow screen technology:

 After surface treatment, vacuum plating and coloring, and then laser hollow screen.

 2, color stainless steel welding, polishing and processing screen technology:

 After surface treatment, tubes or plates are machined and molded, then welded and polished, and vacuum plated and colored.

 3, paint:

 The formed stainless steel screen is painted and colored on its surface to make colorful stainless steel screens of various colors.

 Folding is classified by surface treatment process

 Colored stainless steel screens are mainly divided into drawing, mirror, sand blasting, snowflake sand, grain and disorderly grain according to the surface treatment technology.

 Folding processing color classification

 Titanium ( black titanium ), sky blue, titanium, coffee, tan, magenta, bronze, yellow bronze, bronze, black rose, rose, rose gold, titanium, green, green, champagne gold, gray, pink, violet, champagne gold, etc.

 Folding is classified by coloring process

 A. electroplating di " n d"

 [ electric plate;  Galvan iztion ] electroplating: a process of attaching a layer of metal film to the surface of a metal or other material by electrolysis.  Can play a role in preventing corrosion, improving abrasion resistance, conductivity, reflectivity, improving aesthetics and the like.

 B, water plating

 A technological method of forming metal coating by chemical reduction reaction of reducing agent in plating solution without relying on external power supply in aqueous solution to reduce metal ions continuously on autocatalytic surface.

 C fluorocarbon paint

 Refers to the coating with fluororesin as the main film-forming substance;  Also known as fluorocarbon paint, fluorine paint and fluorine resin paint

 D painting

 Spray paint into mist with compressed air to form different colors on stainless steel plates.

 Folding is classified by style

 1. European style 2. Chinese style 3. American style 4. classical style 5. pastoral style 6. modern style 7. minimalist style 8. Japanese style 9. Korean style 10. new Chinese style

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