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Why do stainless steel color plates have no fingerprints?

Date of release:2018-05-02 Author: Click:

Fingerprint - free function

Stainless steel color plate

The surface of stainless steel decorative plate is processed by advanced fingerprint-free technology, which increases the aesthetics and durability of metal decorative plate. its main purpose is to prevent people from leaving fingerprints on the surface when touching these plates, so that the surface will not be tarnished by oil, sweat and dust.

 Fingerprint - free technology changed the problem that obvious fingerprints would be left when the surface of stainless steel decorative plate was touched in the past.  What's more, fingerprint-free technology can make the surface gloss of stainless steel color plate more durable and durable, and reduce the time of daily maintenance.

 What are the advantages of fingerprint - free

 1, easy to clean surface stains, do not need metal cleaning agents, some chemical agents will make stainless steel plate blackening;  Moreover, it is not easy to stick fingerprints, dust and delicate hand feeling, and it has super fingerprint resistance and anti-pollution effect.

 2. the fingerprint-free transparent film layer can protect the metal surface from being scratched easily, because the electroplated gold oil on the surface has good film property, high hardness, and is not easy to peel, powder and yellow.

 3. it has strong appearance texture, oily moist and soft touch, and retains good metal texture.

 4. fingerprint - free board changed the cold and inflexible characteristics of metal, and it looked warm, elegant and decorative.

 5. stainless steel has excellent fingerprint-free anti-rust performance, and the formation of a protective film on the surface of the metal effectively hinders the external corrosion of the metal inside, thus greatly prolonging the service life.

 Why should the process of fingerprint-free be adopted in the color plate?

 According to the characteristics of stainless steel and the test data of finished products in the early stage, the fingerprint-free process must be adopted to complete the protection of the plate surface.

 Because in the previous test, it was found that the same stainless steel materials had made fingerprint-free parts and had not made fingerprint-free parts, so there was great difference in the effect of resisting the same external pollution.

 Stainless steel plates without fingerprints have been made. after bending and cutting, the storage and use time of stainless steel plates without fingerprints is much longer than that of stainless steel plates without fingerprints.

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