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Steel warrior tells you the quality identification method of colored stainless steel plate

Date of release:2018-05-02 Author: Click:

As the price of colored stainless steel plate is more and more affordable, its application is more and more extensive.  There are many bad businesses in the market that shoddy, jerry-built behavior.  This not only damages the interests of the owners, but also destroys the market environment of the whole stainless steel decorative plate.

Stainless steel color plate

First look at the material:

 Common materials of stainless steel color plates are 304 normal, 304 calendered, 201 normal and 201 calendered.

 Among them, 304 is higher in corrosion resistance than 201, and positive materials are smoother and brighter than calendered materials.  Because of the large price difference, many merchants shoddy, using calendered materials as raw materials, using 201 as 304.  Causing users to start fading, rusting and even breaking after using colored stainless steel plates for several months.

 Therefore, the first thing we have to do when inspecting the goods is to verify whether the material of the board is what you have specified.

 201 and 304 can be distinguished by detection potions, while the main way to distinguish the main material from the calendered material is to observe the quality of the board surface. the main material has smooth and smooth surface, uniform color, high brightness and consistent thickness of the whole board, while the calendered material has dark board surface, uneven color, often black or streaks, roller impression on the back, many sand holes, peeling water marks and other defects, and the thickness difference of the board surface can reach 2 to 3 filaments.

 However, with the improvement of production technology and technology in many large calendering plants, the gap between normal materials and calendering materials is gradually narrowing, and some imitation normal materials plates can even be false and false, which requires experienced professionals to distinguish them.

 Re - view the effect:

 Colored stainless steel decorative plate is mainly used in the decorative field, and it has high requirements on ornamental and decorative features of the plate surface.

 When inspecting goods, we must carefully inspect and observe them.  Good colored stainless steel plates should have no visible color difference in direct sunlight, and the whole batch of plates should have no color difference.

 Uniform coloring, good color and luster, no scratch, no bending and no fading.  The surface of the mirror panel should be free of grinding head flowers and horseshoe prints, with high brightness.

 Of course, generally, the better the quality of boards, the more the price, and the lower the requirements for boards in decoration fields where the requirements are not high, and choose more economical and more affordable decorative boards.

 Then tear the film:

 Colored stainless steel plates will be attached with a protective film before leaving the factory.

 Many unsalable boards have been left in the warehouse for a long time, and the protective film is powdered, which is very difficult to tear. or after tearing, a lot of glue is stuck on the surface of the board, which is ugly and difficult to remove, which takes time and labor.

 Even for transparent films, you must tear a large piece to see the quality of the film when inspecting the goods.  If it is necessary to cut and bend the product later, it is better to first put more than 6c protective film to avoid scratching the board surface.

 After the stainless steel color plate is installed, the film layer should be torn off as soon as possible, and glue should be adhered to it.  Especially outdoor decoration, because of the direct sunlight, it is best to tear off the protective film immediately after the construction.

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