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Stainless steel columns have been widely used.

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Stainless steel products for building decoration are mainly steel sheets, among which steel sheets with thickness less than 2mm are the most used.  The main feature of stainless steel is corrosion resistance, while glossiness is another important feature.  Stainless steel can form different glossiness and reflectivity by different surface processing, and it is divided into different grades according to this.  The surface gloss of high-grade polished stainless steel has different reflecting ability of glass.  Building decoration engineering can be selected according to the requirements of building function and specific conditions.

Stainless steel column

Stainless steel can be processed into profiles, pipes and various special shapes in addition to being made into thin steel plates, and can be used as roofs, curtain walls, partition walls, doors, windows, inner and outer wall finishes, handrails and the like in buildings.  At present, stainless steel columns are widely used in entrances, hallways and middle halls of large shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, and they are often used in high-rise halls and four-season halls. this is because stainless steel columns are not only a novel architectural decorative technique with high ornamental value, but also can achieve the effect of mutual reflection with various colors and scenery in the surrounding environment due to their specular reflection.  At the same time, with the help of light, glittering and translucent bright highlight parts can be formed, which helps to form interest centers in space environment in these shared spaces, and plays a role in strengthening, embellishing and foil the effect of space environment.  Stainless steel cladding column, as a kind of modern high-grade cylinder decoration method, develops rapidly in foreign countries.

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