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The design of the background wall decorated with new Chinese style screens is not just a space partition.

Date of release:2018-05-02 Author: Click:

After adding modern elements to Chinese style screens, many new ideas and modern feelings have been added to the original antique charm, which is more in line with the aesthetic requirements of modern home furnishings.  Of course, the function of the screen is not only a space partition, but also an independent scene with its own atmosphere even if it is simply placed aside.  This is the unique charm of the screen.  For this reason, the editor specially collected several cases of designing new Chinese style screens decorated with background walls.

 Decorate bright spot: in the pure white space, the screen has merged with the whole wall.

 The white screen is placed in front of the window, and the fine texture on it blocks most of the light, leaving mottled shadows on the white floor when the sun shines.  Long and narrow space, the screen just decorated the background wall of the bed and also acted as a partition to block the window.

 Decorate bright spot: European elegant style with Chinese screen is not abrupt.

Stainless steel screen partition

Xiao Xiao's screen is placed in the corner, and it won't be noticed if you don't look carefully.  The pattern and color on it are completely consistent with the surrounding style, and even Chinese and European styles can get along well with each other.  If you want enough sunshine, you can put away the screen. if you abandon it too clear, you can open it and it will be a good partition.

 Decorate bright spot: translucent black screen and white metope and elegant furniture next to them are very harmonious together.

 Although the Chinese screen is full of atmosphere and solemnity, it is not suitable for any style of home environment, so we should add some modern elements to it to enable stainless steel screen to catch up with various styles.  Black fine decorative pattern and translucent style are all well dotted with corner space, and they can also be used as hooks.

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