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Function introduction of stainless steel screen

Date of release:2018-05-02 Author: Click:

Screens have been changing since ancient times, whether practical or decorative.  Let's talk about the various functions of the screen.

Stainless steel screen

Segmentation and spatial orientation function

 Screen is an important indoor furniture, which is often placed in a conspicuous position.  Windscreens and barriers are the main functions of screens.  With the change of living style, the scale of furniture has increased correspondingly, and the layout of screens in the room has a certain pattern. generally speaking, there are two ways of symmetry and asymmetry. generally, the hall is set with chairs in the center of the screen, and four chairs are opposite on both sides, or only two round stools are placed in front of the screen for sitting by both parties.  This is the main function of ancient screens.  Therefore, the earliest function of the screen is the barrier, which can divide the space flexibly and guide the space at the same time.

 Barrier function

 Barrier is another function of screen.  " screen intentionally blind bright moon, lights mercilessly sleep alone.  " southern Chen Jiang's poem in always in my heart chapter describes this situation.  Ancient screens can be used to separate inner and outer spaces.  In fact, there are many stories that happen behind the screen.  In order not to show his private affairs in front of guests, the owner will use screens as barrier objects to separate his reserved private space.

 Windproof function

 Wind prevention is one of the functions of screens.  As the name implies, screen is a wind-proof device in ancient times.  Because ancient buildings are mainly made of brick and wood structures, the ventilation of the buildings is very good for damp - proofing, but when the weather is cold in winter, the cold wind makes people uncomfortable, at this moment, the screen is placed in the tuyere as a movable wall, which can divert the wind direction.

 Decorative function

 In modern times, the main function of the screen has changed from the past practical function to purely decorative function, that is to say, as a visual language, the screen is directly placed in our living environment, playing the role of decorating the environment.  The meaning of the picture has also changed from the past thematic decoration to purely constitutive and purely decorative decoration.  Therefore, the main functions of modern screens are decorative first, practical second and more emphasis on decorative.

 Stage decoration function

 In addition, there is a kind of screen works in the stage art that are used to decorate the stage space and draw screen types related to the stage background. here, it is temporarily referred to as the stage screen, such as modern drama stage, modern dance drama stage, modern drama stage, TV stage, etc., which are used to divide the space.  Screens decorated with stage background are also one of the important types of modern screens, which are obviously different from screens in public environment and home screens.  Modern stage screens emphasize the sense of lens, and several screens can exist at the same time on a stage, paying attention to the configuration of the front and back scenes and the overall space composition of the stage.

 In short, the modern screen has come out from the past functions and reestablished a functional form focusing on people's aesthetic appreciation level. when designing stainless steel screens, we focused on materials, dimensions, environment, style and color, which was a whole behavior, rather than thinking simply from the perspective of screens.  We are faced with the problem of environmental art.  Therefore, the function of modern screen is actually the epitome of environmental function.

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