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Material selection and installation steps of stainless steel guardrail

Date of release:2018-05-02 Author: Click:

Some friends said that stainless steel stair guardrail will have quality common faults after a period of time. why do these problems happen and what are the characteristics of these quality common faults?  The first case is that the surface brightness of the tube is not enough, the color is dark, and the color difference on the surface of the titanium-plated tube is large.  The second situation is that the overall stiffness of the railing is not enough, and beating the railing with your hand can make you feel trembling.  The third case is that the guardrail is not vertical, the arrangement is not on the same straight line, and the shaking is not firm.  When these common quality problems appear, how do we deal with them?



First of all, we should choose pipes with qualified quality, and we must not buy pipes with poor quality at low prices, and it is best to choose pipes with correct materials.  Pipes of different brands contain different elements. even if titanium plating is processed in the same process, the surface color of finished products will have chromatic aberration.  In choosing stainless steel tubes of the same category and brand, we must supervise the quality of titanium plating process.

 Second, if the pipe wall you choose is too thin and its overall strength is insufficient, you must choose pipes with wall thickness greater than or equal to 1.2 mm as stainless steel guardrail.  The riser pipe diameter should not be too small, and when the guardrail linear section length is long, the guardrail design should have lateral stability strengthening measures.  If the elastic line is not allowed, the installation method is improper. before construction, the elastic line should be accurately played, the benchmark guardrails at both ends should be calibrated and fixed with a flat ruler, and then the pull-through line should be used to fix the guardrails according to the positioning of the guardrails. before welding, the embedded parts should be strengthened to be fixed immediately, and the expansion bolts fixing the guardrail base should be prevented from being too short, or the cement mortar layer under the facing stone is not full, at the same time, the quality inspection of each construction procedure should be strengthened, so as to correct the quality problems in time.  By dealing with these problems, your stainless steel guardrail will not suffer from common quality problems after being used for a long time.

 What is the installation step of stainless steel guardrail?

 The first step is to adopt welding installation ( except for special dimensions ).  The welding rod shall be made of the same material as the parent metal.  The installation sequence of guardrail should start from the starting elbow and connect with the straight handrail. this sequence must be correct. if the sequence is wrong, the installation effect will be completely changed.  The guardrail interface should be cut correctly at the required angle, so it is necessary to start working at the right angle and file it with a metal file, so as to avoid inaccurate cutting, which will cause guardrail bending and installation will be very difficult.  In the process of installation, attention should also be paid to spot welding and fixing the starting point elbow with the railing upright rod first, and welding should be firm after being checked and correct.  After the elbow is installed, both ends of the straight guardrail are temporarily spot-welded and fixed with uprights on both ends, and at the same time, one end of the straight guardrail is butted and spot-welded by the head, and 2 - 3 mm welding gap shall be reserved at the guardrail interface, and then the guardrail and each upright rod shall be spot-welded and fixed by the pull-through wire.

 After the next inspection meets the requirements, the interface, guardrail and upright rod shall be welded firmly one by one according to the welding requirements.  When welding ( especially in winter construction ), we should have a good grasp of welding current, voltage and welding temperature, in case the current is too large or too small and the voltage is unstable, which will affect the welding quality and appearance.  The welding quality shall meet the relevant standards, and the width and depth of the weld shall be consistent, the surface shall be fish scale - shaped, the welding seam of handrail joint shall be tight, and there shall be no obvious hand feeling deviation in the welding seam.  Generally speaking, after the installation of relatively long metal guardrail ( especially outdoor guardrail ), its joints shall be equipped with movable interfaces which can adapt to temperature changes and expand and contract, and the expansion and contraction amount of movable joints shall be generally considered as 20 mm if there is no requirement in design.  Outdoor guardrail should also be scalable to consider setting water leakage holes.

 The connection of guardrail root with concrete and brick walls can be fixed by telescopic way at the same time to avoid bending deformation of handrails caused by telescopic way.  Decorative covers shall be installed at the connection root of guardrail and wall surface.

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