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Installation process of stainless steel guardrail and handrail

Date of release:2018-05-02 Author: Click:

The construction of stainless steel guardrail and handrail is relatively simple, which mainly includes the following steps: installing embedded parts → paying off → installing upright posts → connecting handrails with upright posts → grinding and polishing.

Stainless steel handrails

Installing embedded parts

 Embedded parts are installed during the construction of main structure, and steel plates are usually used as embedded parts.  Steel plates shall be of sufficient thickness with anchor bars at the lower end, and the welding of anchor bars and steel plates shall conform to the welding specification.  In order to prevent the steel plate from displacement, it is advisable to use more than two anchor bars.

 For projects without embedded parts, expansion bolts and steel plates are usually used to make rear connectors.  The specific method is to pay off the main structure, determine the position of the fixed point of the upright post, and then drill holes on the ground with percussion drill, and install expansion bolts.  Bolts should be of sufficient length, and steel plates should be added in nut and bolt suites.  The lower end of the upright column is usually equipped with a chassis, which only plays a decorative role, and the steel plate should be sized to ensure that the chassis can buckle it.  After positioning the steel plate and the bolt, tighten the nut, and at the same time, weld the nut and the screw to prevent the nut and the steel plate from loosening.  This method should also be adopted for fixing handrails and walls.  No matter which method is adopted for embedded parts, steel plates should be in a horizontal position.

 paying off

 As the built-in parts installed in the structural engineering construction may produce errors, it is necessary to pay-off again before the column is installed to determine the accuracy of embedded plate placement.  If there is any deviation, correct it in time to ensure that the bottom of stainless steel pipe is all located on the steel plate and can be welded firmly around.

 Mounting column

 Stainless steel tubes used as columns are connected with steel plates by welding.  Built - in parts made of expansion bolts are inserted into stainless steel pipes by sticking out the bolts.  When welding, two people should cooperate with each other, and one person should hold the steel pipe to keep it vertical, so that it can't shake when welding.  Another person shall conduct welding around and shall conform to the welding specification.

 The handrail is connected with the upright post

 Before installation, the upright post will be laid out and grooves will be machined on its upper end according to the gradient of stairs and the roundness of handrails used.  When installing the armrest, put it directly into the groove of the upright post.  The installation of handrail steel tubes are sequentially installed from one end to the other end, and the butt joint of adjacent handrail steel tubes should be accurate and the joints should be tight.  After the adjacent steel tubes are butted, weld the seam and the seam between the upright post and armrest with stainless steel welding rod.

 Grinding and polishing

 Grinding the weld seam with portable grinder after welding until the weld seam is not visible.  When polishing, flannel grinding wheel or felt wheel shall be used, and corresponding polishing paste shall be coated at the same time, until it is basically consistent with the adjacent parent metal and the weld seam is not obvious.  At the end of the construction, don't forget to antirust the buried plate.

 Stainless steel guardrail and handrail can also be installed by a method called complete assembly.  This installation method is relatively simple, and the assembled finished product is very beautiful.  The connection parts and plug-ins are used to connect the upright post with the handrail, the extension of the handrail and the corner parts of the handrail, among which the connection between the upright post and the buried plate is the same as the construction method described above.  Main parts used in the assembly method are ball tower, expansion pin, upper cap, sleeve support rod, steel pipe and steel pipe joint, etc.

 Stainless steel guardrail, stainless steel armrest

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