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Stainless steel is used for screen partition, which has a great effect.!!

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Stainless steel screens are also called stainless steel partitions or stainless steel lattices, but they are just called differently.  Partition screens have a long history, a long history and a household name in China. they were once the exclusive products of emperors, nobles, landlords and gentry, and also the symbol of their identity and status.

Stainless steel screen partition

After a long period of development, partition screens began to spread to the people, entered the common people's homes, became an important part of furniture decoration, and became a new trend and trend.

 Through the investigation of authoritative institutions, it is found that the proportion of stainless steel partition screens in the building decoration market is increasing, which is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, clubs, villas, guildhalls, KTV, homes, squares, supermarkets and the like.

 Traditional screens are made of wood with less styles, monotonous colors and great difficulty in cleaning and maintenance. they mainly play the roles of separation, display, wind shielding and so on.

 Stainless steel partition screens are generally made of tubes, plates and flat steel of stainless steel 201,304 by processing and welding. with the continuous development of science and technology, partition screens are fashionable, noble and gorgeous, and have various colors, which are used for home decoration and beautification of space, and are waterproof, fireproof and easy to clean.  The color types of stainless steel partition screens are rose gold, bronze, champagne gold, black titanium, bronze, red bronze, imitation brass, etc.

 Advantages of stainless steel screen

 1. the built-in structure and reutilization of stainless steel screens: all connections and fixtures are completed in the product, and can be disassembled and reused.  Wire laying can be carried out inside the frame.  There is no need to wall embedded, the maintenance and replacement of wires are more convenient, and the strong and weak electricity are separated.

 2. sound insulation and fire prevention: built-in sealing rubber strip plays a role of sound insulation and dust prevention.  The screen system consists of all metal structures, and stainless steel screens have the functions of fire prevention, moisture prevention and corrosion prevention.

 3. stainless steel screen is pollution-free and odorless: it can be used immediately after installation.

 4. the matching doors and locks of stainless steel screens are flexible: they can be used with framed glass doors, frameless glass doors and solid wooden doors, and can be made into single or double doors.  The door lock can be selected by pressing handle or other various styles.


 Second, stainless steel screens create a variety of different forms of office environment, showing only the company's style and image.

 1. adopt high-quality aluminum alloy frame structure, which is firm and light, never deformed, aluminum alloy frame, reasonable structure, high edge sealing accuracy, electrostatic spraying treatment on the surface, generous and beautiful in color and luster, and revealing modern aesthetic feeling.

 2. all screens are connected by professional hardware, which is stable and firm. at the same time, it is convenient to disassemble and assemble. it can withstand the test of disassembling and assembling for many times without deformation.  The aluminum alloy square column of the screen can foil the installation of the table panel and other accessories on the screen, and it has strong bearing capacity.

 3, screen internal line connection, excellent line management system, the desktop has a number of corner lines, and there are sockets, cable troughs at the bottom of the table and footwire boards, which can hide all wires, but also can be divided into different wire troughs or pillar pits according to different wire types, in an orderly way.

 Colored stainless steel screens are usually displayed in prominent positions indoors, which play the roles of separation, beautification, wind shielding, coordination and the like.  It and classical furniture reflect each other, complement each other and integrate into one integrated mass, becoming an integral whole of screen decoration, and presenting a kind of harmonious beauty and serene beauty.

 The shell of the screen frame is stainless steel plate, the inner core is foamed plastic, and fibers can be distributed in the inner core foamed plastic.  The cross section of the screen frame is I - shaped or rectangular, and the glass between the screen frames is embedded between the strip-shaped rigid polymer plastic inserts, the outer surface of the rigid polymer plastic insert is covered with a stainless steel cover plate, and the insert edge on the inner surface of the stainless steel cover plate is inserted into the slot on the upper surface of the rigid polymer plastic insert.

 A connecting lining can be sleeved between the outer shell of the screen frame and the inner foaming plastic, and the connecting lining is hollow, meshed or honeycomb - shaped.  The utility model not only has luxurious and bright surface decoration, but also can be used as a frame with structural support function as a whole.  The frame and glass are embedded in the high molecular plastic plug - in, which has good sealing property, safety and firmness and good stability.  Simple assembly and convenient disassembly and replacement;  Light weight, high strength, sound insulation, heat insulation and good sealing performance;  Can resist wind pressure, shock and shock.

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