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Production process of stainless steel screen

Date of release:2019-04-02 Author: Click:

Screen has been around for a long time, and stainless steel screen is a kind of decorative products which is popular in recent years. Its appearance brings a new design direction to decoration industry. Because the argon arc welding machine used in stainless steel screen has strong advantages, small solder joints and easy surface treatment, it has gradually become the favorite of the market. Stainless steel screen can be divided into two processes: welding and laser carving. Welding screen mostly uses stainless steel pipe for welding, wire drawing surface mostly uses full welding, and mirror surface uses spot welding. The cost and effect of this is the best. Because if the mirror is fully welded, the cost of polishing and polishing will be twice as high as that of wire drawing, and the mirror must be welded with pipes at least 1.5mm thick to smooth the welded joint, too thin pipes will produce different concave and convex feeling at the bottom, which will affect the final effect. Laser engraving of stainless steel screen generally adopts industrial board. First, it is treated by surface treatment (such as wire drawing, mirror, scratch, etc.) and then pasted with laser film paper. Laser cutting is carried out by laser machine according to the design scheme. Generally, the thickness of laser cutting of mirror stainless steel screen is not recommended to exceed 5 mm, mainly because the cutting surface can not polish the mirror surface. The surface treatment of stainless steel screen is now very mature, including vacuum plating (black gold, rose gold, titanium gold, champagne gold), water plating (bronze for laser hollow board), nano-spraying (bronze for pipe welding), electrophoretic gold (bright surface treatment for aluminium carving), etc.


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