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How to place stainless steel screen will be more elegant

Date of release:2019-04-08 Author: Click:

Whether it is home decoration or tooling, the whole space will be planned and laid out. When planning and layout, the whole space needs to be separated into small spaces, so that the whole decorated space looks orderly. The choice of partition materials is numerous, the highest frequency of selection is wood, but the use of wood partition is not long, and the ruggedness is not good, easy to damage. The appearance of stainless steel screen just makes up for these shortcomings.

Stainless steel is a kind of alloy steel with bright appearance, high plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, corrosion resistance to acid, alkaline gas, solution and other media, which is not easy to rust. Fashionable, beautiful, colorful and durable stainless steel screen customized has now been used to decorate various places, it can be integrated into the Chinese style, can also be integrated into the European style, is our preferred choice for family decoration.

Next, we will explain from the living room, bedroom, dining room, study four aspects: how to put stainless steel screen can highlight its elegance.

Living room: In the living room, stainless steel screen manufacturers can best reflect a family's unique aesthetic taste. Stainless steel screen can not only add personality elements to the living room, but also separate the entrance to the entrance, so that the space arrangement is more orderly. If the living room happens to have a Rohan bed, you can match it with a beautiful hand-painted stainless steel screen, with elegant curtains and a floor lamp with a wooden lampshade. In this way, stainless steel screen not only blocked some sunshine slipping in, but also erected a natural barrier for afternoon nap, showing a relaxed and selfless realm.

Restaurant: Each family has different space use needs, if the restaurant area is large, stainless steel screen can be used to separate the space. If it is mainly wood furniture space, you can choose chestnut, light yellow stainless steel screen. The folding stainless steel screen can not only divide the kitchen into two parts, but also bring a totally different impression, making the dining room space refreshed.

Bedroom: The stainless steel screen in the bedroom, mainly in beautiful style, is suitable for hand-painted, big flowers, meticulous figures and other delicate patterns to foil. Stainless steel screen can be placed at the bedside or in front of the window, or in the balcony-facing position, half hidden, with a certain degree of privacy. Stainless steel screens and antique floor lamps, as well as beautiful window screens, have always been a perfect match. But what we should avoid is not to choose too heavy, dark color, which will completely break the sleep atmosphere, but play the opposite effect.

Study: Stainless steel screen placed in the study, not only can increase the cultural atmosphere of the study, but also has practical effect. Choosing an elegant stainless steel screen in the study can make the temperament of the study more quiet and pure, and also create a small space for rest as a place for guests to relax and relax.


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