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Stainless steel screens also need to be maintained

Date of release:2019-04-15 Author: Click:

With the popularity of stainless steel screen, many people will install Foshan stainless steel screen partition in their homes, but I believe that everyone will have a doubt that stainless steel screen will rust? In many people's impressions, stainless steel products do not seem to rust, which is actually a misunderstanding. In many cases, if stainless steel products are not well maintained, they will also rust. Stainless steel is not stainless steel, there is no stainless steel absolutely stainless steel. Whether stainless steel is rusty depends on many reasons, such as working environment of stainless steel, working temperature of stainless steel, using method of stainless steel, cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel, etc.

Stainless steel screen partition manufacturers have different corrosion resistance because of their different models. Their corrosion resistance is different, so the environment they can use is different. Some stainless steel decorative panels are suitable for use at the seaside because of their strong corrosion resistance; some stainless steel decorative panels are suitable for use in clean rural areas with less air pollution, etc. Why do stainless steel screens rust? The first reason is because of the stainless steel itself, stainless steel is formed on its surface by a very thin, solid and stable chromium-rich oxide film, to prevent oxygen atoms continue to infiltrate, continue to oxidize, and obtain the ability to resist corrosion. Once for some reason, the film is constantly destroyed, oxygen atoms in air or liquid will continuously infiltrate or iron atoms in metal will continuously separate out, forming loose iron oxide, and metal surface will be constantly corroded.

Any damage to the surface protective film of stainless steel will lead to rust. Therefore, in order to ensure that the surface of stainless steel screen in the house is permanent bright and not corroded, we must often clean the surface of stainless steel screen with dry cloth, remove attachments, eliminate the external factors causing rust, especially the corrosive liquid of some liquids, and pay attention to the maintenance of stainless steel screen in peacetime. Prevent hard object collision, cause artificial wear and tear, cause rust.


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