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How to design the partition between kitchen and dining room?

Date of release:2019-06-15 Author: Click:

How to design screen partition between kitchen and dining room?

  1. Open Kitchen and Restaurant Separation Design

(1) Stainless steel screen partition model: bar or low cabinet. Bar or low cabinet can achieve practical and beautiful effect, can be used as kitchen items, can also be used as a dining table.

(2) The advantage of partition: The partition between open kitchen and dining room appears spacious and beautiful, so more and more people have transformed the kitchen into open style.

(3) Notices for design of 304 partition of stainless steel pipe:

A. Circuit safety: Open kitchen circuit must be far away from gas lines, power lines, network lines and water pipes should be connected from the ground. Open kitchen is best hidden behind electrical appliances or cabinets, otherwise it will affect the beauty.

B. Decoration materials should be easy to clean: the walls and floors of restaurants and living rooms should be as clean as those of kitchens, and floor tiles should be the best choice.

C. Supporting furniture is mainly concise: kitchen, dining room and living room furniture, whether customized or purchased, must be simple in style, avoid choosing Chinese-style furniture, bamboo knitting, willow knitting furniture and cloth sofa and dining chair, to prevent oil contamination, it is easy to clean. Open kitchen countertops should not put too many cookers to ensure its beauty.

D. Ventilation is the key: open kitchen partition should choose kitchen utensils with less lampblack, and high-power, multi-functional lampblack extractor. Open kitchen has larger windows to ensure good ventilation, to reduce the smell of indoor smoke, but also to make the indoor light more transparent.

  2. Closed Kitchen and Restaurant Separation Design

(1) partition modeling: partition wall, partition door, mobile door. The kitchen and dining room are completely separated by partition walls, partition doors or mobile doors, which are commonly used in Chinese kitchen decoration.

(2) The advantage of partition: the kitchen is completely separated from the dining room. This kind of closed partition between the kitchen and the dining room can completely guarantee the leakage of fume, and ensure that the air of the dining room and the living room is not polluted. This partition is suitable for Chinese kitchens and restaurants.

(3) matters needing attention in partition design

A. Light transmission: The partition design of closed kitchen and dining room should consider the lighting performance of kitchen, because the partition of closed kitchen separates the space of kitchen, and the space of kitchen is limited, and the lighting range becomes smaller.

B. Spatial layout: The kitchen and dining room are separated by partition walls or doors, which are smaller in space. In order to avoid crowding, designers should calculate the reasonable area of the kitchen when designing the kitchen.

C. Fresh air: The closed kitchen is completely separated from the interior by partition wall. The exhaust and air are not fresh. The kitchen is also a place with heavy lampblack. The function of lampblack suction machine and the size of kitchen windows should be calculated well in the design.

   3. Design of partition between half-open kitchen and dining room

(1) partition modeling: glass partition, stainless steel partition, curtain (bead curtain). Make the kitchen semi-open, glass, stainless steel, curtain is the best choice of materials. Glass and curtain can be transparent. In the kitchen, you can see the situation outside the dining room or kitchen. It also has the effect of oil fume insulation.

(2) The advantage of partition: to eliminate the smoke leakage unless that one, without affecting the visual effect, and has a strong decorative effect, through the reflection and refraction of light or sunlight, will form a rich connotation of spatial structure.

(3) matters needing attention in partition design

A. Adequate daylighting: Half-open kitchen should consider the daylighting of space and make full use of the light of living room and dining room. Semi-open kitchen partition does not block natural light.

B. The spatial level of kitchen and dining room: In designing the partition between semi-open kitchen and dining room, we should not only consider the aesthetic level, but also the spatial level, so as to avoid the monotony of the dining room. Restaurants, kitchens and partitions should be displayed in turn, that is, open and full.

C, the function of partition: the design of semi-open partition also needs to consider the function, kitchen fume is very heavy, partition between semi-open kitchen and living room needs to consider the function of kitchen fume emission.


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