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Complete Manufacturing Process of Mirror Stainless Steel Sculpture

Date of release:2019-07-11 Author: Click:

Mirror polished stainless steel sculpture is widely used in modern public art because of its amazing decoration and beautiful artistic appearance. However, it is well known that it is not easy to make perfect mirror polished stainless steel sculptures.

Here is a brief description of how we made it.

Step 1: Digital Modeling of Stainless Steel Sculpture

The commonly used digital model applications are Zbrush, 3D Max, Rhino C4D and other three-dimensional design software.

Step 2: Engineering and Prefabrication of Stainless Steel Plates and Pipes

The stainless steel plates we use have excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. It must be ensured that stainless steel sculptures never corrode outdoors, even in warm and humid environments. Compared with stainless steel 201 and 304, the quality of stainless steel 316 is better. The armature and base of the sculpture are 16 mm thick and very strong. It can even allow several adults to climb up the sculpture. Cut and dome stainless steel plate according to design. We use high precision water cutter or plasma cutter to cut stainless steel into the shape we want.

Step 3: Welding the skeleton of stainless steel sculpture metal grid

All joints have been fully connected to maximize our use of TIG and MIG. The tough strip must be identical to the stainless steel plate. Otherwise, there will be imperfections in the finished products.

Step 4: Making Stainless Steel Sculpture

This is the key step in the whole manufacturing process. Fine phases are allocated only to experienced manufacturers. Sculpture will be formed as its design. All welded joints and joints must be inspected. We examine the angle of the sculpture carefully to make sure it is correct. In theory, as long as the welded sculpture skeleton is correct, it should be correct. However, careful measurement is important in the manufacturing process. This ensures the accuracy of stainless steel sculpture. We lifted the sculpture to check its overall appearance. It's looks good.

Step 5: Stainless steel sculpture polishing

Polishing is a dirty job, involving many steps. Polishing technicians must have excellent polishing technology. These are commonly used polishing materials: polishing cotton wheel, non-woven cloth. The hard polishing wheels of the polishing paste are used in the first stage and then dressed with softer cotton wheels. Different colors are also used in different stages.

Step 6 Transportation and Installation

Stainless steel sculpture installation is the last link of the whole project process. Generally large stainless steel sculpture will have a base. If it is a relatively small stainless steel sculpture, it has to do a good job of embedded parts, and then bury them underground.

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