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Material of kicking thread: stainless steel, wood, ceramic tile, glass, PVC, have you chosen the right one?

Date of release:2019-07-16 Author: Click:

When decorating a new house, I believe that most people know the importance of kicking line in home decoration. It can not only play a decorative role in the corner, but also play a protective role in the corner. Although I know the benefits of the kick line, but the material of the kick line is so many that I don't know how to choose it. Besides, in case of random selection and wrong selection, will not it affect the beauty of the family?

Stainless steel pipe kick line: Stainless steel pipe 304 should not be unfamiliar, it is a metal material, mostly silver gray. And the stainless steel is hard, easy to install and not easy to deform. Unlike the traditional kicking line, it is not easy to be moth-eaten, fire-proof, moisture-proof and has a long service life. But the only drawback is that stainless steel decoration effect is poor, beautiful.

Wooden kicking line: This can be said to be the most commonly used kind of kicking line, although wood products give people a warm feeling, and decorative sense is strong, but wooden kicking line with wood flooring, maintenance is very troublesome. If damped, it is easy to deform, corrode and so on. Of course, it has solid wood and density board, the former price is relatively higher.

Tile kick line: Whether it is ceramic tile or stone kick line, it is the most common and durable material in home decoration. And it does not need special maintenance, of course, the price is more humane, can be matched with a variety of styles, but also give people a high-end feeling.

Glass kick-strings: It is estimated that few people have ever seen glass kick-strings, but to the market, such kick-strings are indeed on sale. We all know that glass is fragile. It is very troublesome to install and maintain it later. Even if it's broken and repaired, it's not necessarily the same as before.

PVC Kicking Line: This is a plastic product, is a substitute for wooden Kicking Line, the price is cheaper. Its characteristics are stable material, no harmful gas release, but with a long time, the patch is easy to fall off, and the visual effect is not as good as wood flooring.

Is it better to stick the kick line clearly or secretly?

The placing of the kick-line is that the kick-line heel wall is not on the same level, protruding the wall, and the installation process will not cause damage to the wall, the construction is simple; while the placing of the kick-line is to cut a small area below the wall and stick the kick-line up, causing a small part of damage to the wall structure, which requires high technical content.

Of course, I feel that whether it is affixed explicitly or implicitly, it is only a small piece of kicking line, which has little impact. Perhaps some people will feel that the effect of hidden stickers is better, not exposed, beautiful, not easy to accumulate ash, but the premise is to find a skilled teacher, otherwise they would rather stick it clearly, and never stick it secretly.

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