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How to clean and maintain stainless steel sculpture?

Date of release:2019-07-19 Author: Click:

    Stainless steel sculpture is a new type of metal lattice sculpture, such a kind of sculpture itself is not easy to rust, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance. However, stainless steel sculpture has a broader development prospects, in fact, other materials and the whole stainless steel sculpture has a direct relationship, how to maintain it Sandblasting sculpture of stainless steel, titanium and gold?

    Maintenance mode 1: Regular cleaning is very important in the process of stainless steel sculpture maintenance, they all have a relatively special material, so that such a kind of process may have more dust on the surface, whether it is water cleaning or some other things to clean the best way, that is, the whole is not. The dust of stainless steel sculpture is wiped out. In the process of cleaning, all the economic environment is very important.

    Maintenance mode 2: Regular polishing of stainless steel sculpture in the process of actual use, we must regularly Polish them, and stainless steel sculpture polishing after some works may not be as good as we imagined, but we must use a brush to remove some of the above things, and even Only if the stainless steel is coated on it can it be applied to the surface of some stainless steel sculptures, and to some extent, the polishing of the whole stainless steel is absolutely as bright as new.

    Maintenance mode 3: Storage environment in the actual storage process of stainless steel titanium wire drawing sculpture, more or less will take into account more storage environment, to some extent, if they are placed in some places directly under the sun, a long time may lead to cracking, so about the whole stainless steel sculpture. Some practical conditions must be considered clearly, suitable for storage in a dry and cool environment.

Stainless steel screen

Stainless steel screen

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