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Insert stainless steel strips into the wall

Date of release:2019-07-22 Author: Click:

Several times, some netizens have asked what the lines on the wall are, in fact, the black and rose gold lines on the wall are metal decorative strips (generally recommended stainless steel lines); today we will share some knowledge about the metal decorative strips on the wall.

On Metal Decoration Bars

When making wall decoration, if it is brushed latex paint or wallpaper, Ti-Au sandblasting metal strip is seldom used.

When metal bars are used, they are usually used when making hard materials such as hard wraps, wood ornaments, marbles and so on.

Because hard board can not directly go upstairs in a large area, and the area is too large and monotonous, it seems that there is no sense of design.

So these walls are basically cut into several pieces and spliced together. When splicing, there will inevitably be gaps, which requires edge closing. Titanium wire drawing metal decorative strip is a very good transitional edge closing material.

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Stainless steel lines

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