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The Use and Advantages of Stainless Steel Constant Temperature Wine Cabinet

Date of release:2019-07-25 Author: Click:

Wine has become more and more people's daily consumption since when, and the thermostat used to store red wine has become more and more popular, some small-capitalist families will buy red wine cabinets and put a few bottles of good red wine. Now let's see how to choose a good wine cabinet. In Europe, it is generally believed that the storage condition of red wine is 8 to 12 degrees for a long time, and if the wine is to be drunk in the near future, it is usually 15 degrees constant temperature. Note that the smaller the temperature fluctuation, the better. The humidity is about 60%. Avoid light, shock, no odor in the cabinet, etc. This is the basic condition.

First of all, about constant temperature, we know that when the temperature of the storage cabinet is set to a specific value, the more constant the better, but not all the cabinets produced by the wine cabinet factory can achieve a small temperature fluctuation, because refrigeration depends on the compressor, generally speaking, the temperature probe will start the compressor when the temperature is two degrees higher than the set value. Working refrigeration, but the general quality of the cabinet or even temperature higher than 5 degrees compressor will work, which leads to the cabinet's internal temperature difference is quite large, maybe the top temperature of 10 degrees, but the bottom temperature of 15 degrees are possible. In winter, when the room temperature is below the set value, the wine cabinet should be heated. Most of the cabinets are heated at the bottom, which will cause the temperature at the bottom of the wine cabinet to reach 20 degrees, while the top of the cabinet is less than 10 degrees. Therefore, for constant temperature, different cabinet practices are also different.

Stainless steel cabinets are suitable for use in club cellars and private cellars. If the color LED lights are installed in the constant temperature stainless steel cabinet of Champagne Golden Draw, the effect will be very cool. If it is equipped with mirror stainless steel rack, it will be cooler and more dazzling. Imagine, who can refuse?

Long service life. This is also the most important reason. For solid wood wine racks, stainless steel pipe 304 material will be more durable. For Club cellars and private cellars, wine cabinets with beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, quick disassembly and assembly, convenient transportation, elegant style, noble elegance and good decorative effect are preferred.

Save space. Stainless steel thermostat is more space-saving than the whole wine cellar.

Better storage of wine. Wine has become a necessity of this society, each household has several bottles, stainless steel thermostat can provide the most suitable environment for wine storage.

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