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Custom - made stainless steel screen manufacturers

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Custom - made stainless steel screen manufacturers

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Stainless steel screen partition

 There are two welding processes of stainless steel screen in the whole welding process, one is full welding and the other is spot welding.  Full welding: also known as full welding, refers to the fusion welding of all contact places of two workpieces to be welded together.  For example, two steel plates are spliced, and one weld seam is fully welded, which is used under the condition of high welding strength.  While the stainless steel screen requires full welding, that is, the welding seam can't be seen on the surface, and the natural transition between two welded parts can't see any welding spots and gaps.  Spot welding is to add welding spots on the side of the component to connect the two parts, and the gap between the two parts can be seen on the front, because the gap is small and does not affect the overall appearance.  No matter what welding process is used, whether the welding process is good or not depends on the experience and technology of the welding master, and stainless steel screens with high quality and fine workmanship should be made, so this aspect can not be ignored.

 After welding, the stainless steel screen should be plated, so as to complete a beautiful, elegant and beautiful stainless steel screen.  Then there are several important points for stainless steel screen plating: after the stainless steel screen is integrally welded and formed, vacuum plating or water plating ( traditional electroplating method ) will be carried out.

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