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Custom stainless steel screen partition

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Custom stainless steel screen partition

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Stainless steel screen partition

 Stainless steel screen products use imported large PVD vacuum plasma coating equipment, which can electroplate the stainless steel surface with color treatment. the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the product surface are stronger than ordinary stainless steel, and the coating thickness of colored stainless steel produced by our company reaches 7um.  Can resist salt spray corrosion for more than 10 years and resist discoloration by ultraviolet light irradiation for more than 30 years.  Colors mainly include titanium black, gun black, sky blue, purple, bronze, rose gold, titanium, champagne gold, tan, brown, etc.  In line with the color technology, oxidation modification coloring is carried out on the surface of stainless steel, and the naturally generated color is monitored by computer in the whole process.  Titanium - plated rose gold on stainless steel screen integrates the main body with the coloring layer, keeps the basic structure and performance of the original stainless steel, and can be subjected to conventional die pressing and stretch forming processing.  The colored surface has the advantages of bright colors, bright colors, bright colors, softness, elegance, strong smoothness and the like.  New colored stainless steel has a wide range of application fields, and can be used in elevators, hardware appliances, kitchen and toilet appliances, cabinets, building decoration, advertising signs, daily necessities and the like, which can greatly improve the added value of products and have obvious market competitive advantages.

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