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Stainless steel partition manufacturer

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Stainless steel partition manufacturer

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Stainless steel screen partition

 Brief introduction of stainless steel screen partition:

 1. stainless steel screen, also known as plaid, is separated

 2. stainless steel screens are made of materials: 201,304

 3. surface effect of stainless steel screen: mirror surface and wiredrawing surface

 4. stainless steel screen process: spot welding or full welding

 5. stainless steel screen color: vacuum plating, rose gold, bronze, champagne gold, titanium, black titanium, rose red, red bronze, coffee, bronze, etc.

 6. stainless steel rose gold screen packaging: foam paper, paper skin and wooden case packaging.

 7. transportation mode of stainless steel rose gold screen: automobile freight

 8. application places of stainless steel rose gold screen: high-grade star hotel lobby decoration, overall club decoration, KTV, bars, bath centers, monopoly shops, beauty salons, cinemas, villas and other major places, hotel stainless steel screen hollowed out, living room porch partition come to sample customization.

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