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Wine red sand blasting

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Wine red sand blasting

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Wine red sand blasting

 Stainless steel decorative plate stainless steel sandblast plate is colored on the stainless steel sandblast plate.  Stainless steel sand blasting plate refers to processing zirconium beads on the stainless steel plate surface by mechanical equipment, making the plate surface present fine bead sand surface, forming unique decorative effect.  Application of stainless steel sand blasting decorative plate: mainly used in stainless steel series products such as building decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration and facility decoration.

 Sandblasted stainless steel color plates are available for users to choose from: light golden yellow, golden yellow, sapphire blue, black gun color, coffee color, young color, zirconium golden, bronze color and rose color.  Stainless steel sand blast plate not only retains excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of stainless steel sand blast plate, but also has rich and colorful beautiful colors, which adds pleasing aesthetic feeling to natural stainless steel sand blast plate. at the same time, stainless steel sand blast plate has better corrosion resistance than matrix and other properties, so it will be widely used in various fields of modern social life and national economy.

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