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Wood grain rose gold

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Wood grain rose gold

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Wood grain rose gold

 Stainless steel plate: stainless steel coil

 Stainless steel plate, stainless steel decorative plate, stainless steel coil plate, stainless steel color plate, brushed stainless steel plate, mirror stainless steel plate, frosted stainless steel plate, gold-plated stainless steel plate

 Stainless steel plate has 2b surface, frosted surface of mirror surface ( ba mirror surface, 6k / 8k / 12k / 16k mirror surface, black mirror surface ), brushed surface, titanium-plated surface, rose gold surface, black titanium-plated surface, snowflake sand surface, fog surface, matt surface, etc., and can also be plated with other light colors according to customer requirements.

 Board specifications are: 1m * 1m * 2m 1.22 m * 2.44 m 1.5m * 3m 1.5m * 6m with complete thickness ( the thinnest is 0.3 mm )

 Material properties:

 Corrosion resistance, acid resistance, high temperature resistance, strong anti-rust ability, good processing performance, can meet the eu environmental protection implementation standard ( can provide environmental protection test report ).

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