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Champagne gold sand blasting

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Champagne gold sand blasting

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Stainless steel color plate - champagne gold sand blasting

 Stainless steel champagne golden sand blasting plate refers to processing zirconium beads on the stainless steel decorative plate surface by mechanical equipment, making the plate surface present fine bead sand surface and vacuum plating champagne golden, forming the unique decorative effect champagne " champagee", synonymous with happiness, laughter and joy.  With luxury, temptation and romantic color.  Stainless steel champagne gold sand blasting board combines champagne color full of luxury, temptation and romantic with stainless steel, forming a kind of naive and uninteresting temperament, soft and slightly sentimental, full of delicate fragrance of flowers, and a young and full of rhythm atmosphere.  Champagne is the most low-key gorgeous color. compared with pure metallic colors, they are less flamboyant than gold and less shiny than silver, but they have unparalleled luster and elegance.

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