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Stainless steel line customization

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Stainless steel line customization

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Stainless steel line is a kind of stainless steel decorative material.  It is made of stainless steel plate in various styles and specifications, and it is very convenient to install. compared with traditional wooden skirting, it is more beautiful and firm, green and environment - friendly, and low in price.  This product is not only suitable for home decoration, but also suitable for application in hotels, guesthouses, office buildings and various public places.

 In modernist decoration style home, simple and textured decoration materials are the first choice, with stainless steel furniture and tables and chairs are matched with the original style of marble floor, kicking line can't choose wood or ceramic tile, because it can't meet the requirements of simplicity.  So using stainless steel footwires can make the whole style come down in one continuous line, and show different texture and quality in detail.

 Foshan steel warrior metal products co., ltd. has been committed to designing and researching high-end stainless steel customization of domestic and foreign five-star hotels, high-end commercial places, villas and the like, and has a first-class domestic stainless steel r & d and design team with an integrated service system ranging from raw material finishing to engineering design, production, installation, sales and after-sales service.  Provide stainless steel decoration engineering services for many industries.  Main products are stainless steel screen partitions, stainless steel color plates, stainless steel wine cabinets, stainless steel tea tables and other stainless steel products.

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