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Metal lattice

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Metal lattice

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Metal lattice

 The watermark fluorocarbon wood grain aluminum profile with metal lattices has outstanding characteristics of weather resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, and has the characteristics of high hardness, no deformation, no fading and no falling off of wood-like patterns, which is suitable for various indoor and outdoor occasions.  This product fills the blank of replacing log building decoration with metal materials in China, can improve the grade of building, decoration, garden and municipal facilities, and drive the development of environmental protection materials in building, decoration, garden and municipal industries.  At the same time, it can save a lot of natural resources ( more than 3 cubic meters of wood can be replaced by per ton of watermarked fluorocarbon wood grain aluminum profile ), make positive contributions to protecting the ecological environment, meet the spiritual pursuit of natural beauty after the people's material life is increasing, and provide a perfect building decoration material - watermarked fluorocarbon wood grain aluminum profile for creating harmonious ecological development of human social and natural.  Antique lattices, antique screens, wood grain aluminum alloy lattices, wood grain aluminum alloy stainless steel screens, metal antique lattices, metal antique screens and other aluminum alloy screens

 Foshan steel warrior metal products co., ltd. has been committed to designing and researching high-end stainless steel customization of domestic and foreign five-star hotels, high-end commercial places, villas and the like, and has a first-class domestic stainless steel r & d and design team with an integrated service system ranging from raw material finishing to engineering design, production, installation, sales and after-sales service.  Provide stainless steel decoration engineering services for many industries.  Main products are stainless steel screen partitions, stainless steel color plates, stainless steel wine cabinets, stainless steel tea tables and other stainless steel products.

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